Saturday 29th July 2023

We are a group of disciples who meet together every week in the Cheltenham and Gloucester area.

We had a family day in July where the idea was to invite family, friends and other people we know, to have food and to connect with people and to share the Gospel

The long-term weather forecast for the day was not so good, but we prayed and believed that the UK weather would not hinder what we wanted to do in the Kingdom. It didn’t rain at all for the whole event, except for a brief shower whilst we were setting up, praise God.

We presented the Gospel message and then tucked into tasty barbecue food. During the day, there were many fruitful conversations with our guests. We had the opportunity to pray and minister with several people.

And there were 2 people who got baptised in water on the day, praise the Lord! As a result of the day, there was another baptism a week later.

We are setting up a Discovery group – this is for new disciples and also for those who are interested in becoming disciples of Jesus. A Discovery group will look at what the bible says about the basic elements of the Christian faith, and will include topics such as repentance, water baptism and relationship with God.

Why not organise a Family Day in your area, and see what God does by your faith? If you would like help in organising a family day, then please contact us –

The event can be put on the TLR map – this might attract people in your area who want to connect with you.